e-Learning Development

Detecting Counterfeit Currency

Tools Used: Articulate Rise

Time: 72 hours

Challenges: The influx of counterfeit currency within the registers of a local smoothie shop has led to loss of revenue and therefor profit decreases for the business. As per company policy, newly onboarded cashiers must be trained to strategically identify counterfeit bills and prevent fraudulent exchanges at the cashier level.

Solutions: This is a self paced course used by a smoothie shop to train new cashiers on handling and identifying counterfeit monies. The course provides tips and strategies using real world scenarios to provide cashiers the tools they need to feel better prepared to deal with the influx of physical currency as a newly employed cashiers.

Results: After completing this course, cashiers were presented with a 5 point exercise in which they had to identify fake bills during a cashier simulation. Overall, with the help of the tips and strategies from the course, cashiers were able to spot counterfeit bills within three minutes of receiving the money with 98% accuracy.